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here goes nothing

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Sep. 4th, 2006 @ 07:50 pm
any creative ideas as to what to do with a bunch of blank wallspace?

i've got all my postcards up, and i'm reluctant to do posters, but otherwise, i'm pretty much open to anything.

May. 1st, 2006 @ 11:18 am
fine travis. out of hibernation it is. but just for you.


1. when i was probably 3 or 4 years old, i made myself a superhero alter ego. his name was "mysterious man". his crimefighting duties consisted exclusively of doing somersaults on the couch in the living room of our apartment. i don't remember how this was helpful in the war on crime, but i'm sure it was.

2. i have coins stacked on my windowsill separated into $1 piles. 10 dimes, 15 nickels 15 pennies, 7 dimes 1 nickel 1 quarter, all kinds of combinations. $7.

3. literally everyone who gave me birthday presents at brown university (4 of my friends) gave me candy. they know me well.

4. last time i grew out my beard a while (almost a month actually), i shaved lightning bolts into it. i took pictures on someone else's camera, i'll try to find and post them.

5. in third grade one of my friends had some of his m&ms stolen from him, and our class got so intense about it that we made our teacher let us have a mock trial about it. i was working for the prosecution. i fabricated fingerprint evidence by drawing very darkly in pencil on paper, haaving people put their fingers on the lead and then on a piece of tape. the jury saw through this trick; they acquitted.

6. i wish, more than anything else, that i was jack black. and if you don't like him, you have clearly not seen "high fidelity". or listened to tenacious d.

i don't know if anyone still has this on their friends page, but if the philistine (aka elizabeth phillips) and the reitzestine (aka john reitz) do, i would be delighted to read their replies to said inquiry.

happy may day,

ps. i'll be home on may 18 or 19, after reading period, finals and a bitchin time in nyc with travis are over.
da jamz: nina simone- strange fruit

snow!!! Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 12:47 pm
man, it's the snow i've been waiting for all year. so far it only looks like a few inches, but they say it's going to come down at 2-4 inches an hour. i mean, i could tell you more, but weather.com says it best.

so cool.

i hope my intramural basketball game isnt cancelled tonight. but if it is, i'm having intramural snowball war.

i heard chapel hill got a little snow ("heard" is probably the wrong word--my google home page told me so), but i don't know if it stuck or anything. hahaha suckers. although i doubt the 16-24 inches is going to cancel school up here the way the 3-4 in chapel hill probably will.

okay, that's all. hi livejournal world! i saw my shadow, so it'll be another 6 weeks before i post again.


just for susan Dec. 10th, 2005 @ 11:32 am
yeah so its been a good 3 months or so.

things are fine. i guess.

despite not writing in lj's, i still obsessively read them. and susan just "tagged" me to write 7 songs i'm really into right now. and i've never been "tagged" for one of these lj surveys before, so i'm feeling the need to do it. these are kind of goofy good mood songs, which is the mood i've been in the past few days.

1. the food- common feat. kanye west
2. dr. feelgood- aretha franklin
3. nicotine & gravy- beck
4. happy valentine's day- outkast
5. under pressure- bowie feat. queen
6. i feel free- cream
7. who loves the sun- velvet underground

oh, and I'M COMING HOME IN 4 DAYS!! that's right, wednesday afternoon i'll be home. i'm super excited. but i've got a bunch of exams between now and then.

okay, bye again lj. see you in another 3 months prolly,
da feelingz: homecomingy!
da jamz: the stuff i just wrote about

my aching back, part deux Sep. 4th, 2005 @ 05:08 pm
so i got my first backrub here.

his name is eric. he was at the booth for BURP (the brown university relaxation program) at last night's activities fair. it was...fantastic. i got on the group's email list as soon as i could feel my arms again.

in the...metaphorical sense, i guess, it's fitting. i'm starting to get my sea legs here. i can finally find my way to the dining hall, to thayer street (providence's franklin) and a couple of other placees, and i can do it on more than one different route. which always makes me happy.

and i'm making a few decent friends here, some people i might even consider keepers. last night was the orientation dance, an event i was sure was going to be socially awk as hell, but i ended going with a few girls, and dancing a lot with a really cute lesbian girl named courtney. this was excellent because a) she was a very good dancer despite sexual orientation, and more importantly b) i got to dance a lot with a really cute girl without fearing any awkwardness. several of us went back to this kid nhut's room (yes, nhut), played pictionary, and went to sleep. good clean fun. it was actually a great time.

classes start tuesday, at which point i'm sure i'll stop writing in this again, but i'm very excited about them.

anyway, i miss you chapel thrillers a lot. and to all you seniors (who are still juniors in my mind), the invitation is definitely open. bronson 522 is a happening joint, i've got a sweet-ass air mattress, and brown is really an amazing college. late summer and early autumn is the time to be here. the weather is clear and cool and beautiful, and the campus is also gorgeous. the architecture is really random, some neogothic, some stately and oxfordlike, some '70s and cubic, but somehow it all coheres and makes for some amazing views. oh, and its a great school too. so you should come visit.

okay. bye guys.

Other entries
» my aching back
so today i was driving from maryland to here (connecticut) today. my back was starting to hurt from sitting in the same position. and i thought "i'll just have someone give me a backrub later", because jonah or elizabeth or handley or davis or somebody is always willing to give me a massage, as long as i'm willing to reciprocate. but then i realized that i wont be seeing any of them any time in the near future. and not only that, but it's unlikely that i'm going to be close enough to anyone to ask for a massage for at least a couple of months.

not only is that bad news for my back, but for the first time i really came to grips with the fact that my emotional connections are being virtually all severed (in fact, that they already have been). i'll stay in touch and everything, but the truth of the matter is that i've had an amazing group of friends that have been an emotional safety net for me for the last two or three or four or seven years. and i'll establish that kind of thing for myself at brown, but it'll take some time.

until then...i mean, i'll be okay. maybe i'll hire a masseuse or something. some swedish babe.

anyway, thank you, my wonderful chapel hill friends. i'll see you in december. email me. willguzzo@gmail.com. i'll write back, i swear.

» an update!
surprised? awesome. thats how i like you.

i just found these so funny that i had to share them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i think that girl might be jonah's soul mate.

and those were funnier at 3AM last night when we found them. sorry to let you down.

will you hear more from me? soon? ever? dunno.

stay on your toes,

ps. its my last day in chapel hill. say goodbye and bemoan my absence. if you're feeling that. i mean, don't force it.
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i´m in spain, con la familia. havent posted in about a month, i think. maybe more. i´ve graduated high school. that wasnt exactly the lifechanging sobfest i was expecting. read other blogs for better analyses of this, especially my cousin´s livejournal, at royale_w_cheese, and of course travis´ classic graduation entry. his speech at graduation won first place, but barely, over dvir´s. and then there were the rest. oy.

anyway, i´m going to meet eurothunder2k5 in paris for a few days, then be in paris on my own for a couple, then meet the legendary jean-françois in belgium for a few days. i come home on july 4th. america throws me a coming-home party.

ciao, amigos,
» i'm a copycat, i know
i was inspired by laura and edward to googlism myself. will was too broad and guzzardi too specific, so i settled with "guzzo". here's a few (i boldened my favorites):

guzzo is entering his 29th year as head wrestling coach at nc state
guzzo is majoring in biology/pre
guzzo is the winner of the elga brose valente memorial award for composition from uc davis
guzzo is living life her way thanks in part to the insurance and investment recommendations of
guzzo is responsible
guzzo is a young
guzzo is the 27 (it's my birthday)
guzzo is available from $1200 to $2000
guzzo is a man of integrity
guzzo is professor of chemistry at the university of wyoming
guzzo is an accomplished artist and independent videogame maker
guzzo is working on a program on "how to keep up professionally" for the fall
guzzo is undertaking a feasibility study on the resumption of excavations and says this report is expected to take two years to complete
guzzo is simply playing politics
guzzo is expected to reveal details of why he believes church money is still being used to hush up the controversy
guzzo is concerned that opp charges came only after being presented with evidence gathered by private citizens
guzzo is known as a renegade among conservatives
guzzo is the director of worldwide education at citrix systems
guzzo is the director of sales for north america
guzzo is soprintendente archeologico di pompeii
guzzo is the plumbing and gas inspector for gloucester
guzzo is in charge of this hot
guzzo is charged with the play's most antic moments
guzzo is responsible for the full bill
guzzo is he still kick'in? add review
guzzo is he still kick'in? dave's home
guzzo is a member of the all
guzzo is a little tougher to satisfy and demands just a little bit more from his team during the 2002
guzzo is the director of the department of human services of the county of union
guzzo is a former women's new editor of the laramie daily boomerang from 1973
guzzo is evaluating the communications department
guzzo is the perfect accompaniment to conversations
guzzo is definitely more pessimistic than the italian government and also the street consensus regarding this year shortfall
guzzo is the universe homogeneous(!!)
guzzo is doing
guzzo is the america reads replacement
guzzo is less certain
guzzo is returning to hendrick motorsports
guzzo is charged with the 1992 drug
guzzo is 309
guzzo is a 3rd degree knight and a member of co
guzzo is usually only
guzzo is italian
guzzo is not the only one all fired up after reading your article
guzzo is professor of psychology and management at the university of maryland and has served on the faculties of mcgill university and new york
guzzo is unlikely within a reasonable period
guzzo is a baseball fanatic
guzzo is definitely first on the list; i promised him
guzzo is right
guzzo is one of the team's most dangerous servers
guzzo is running in ottawa west even though he grew up in centretown and was elected as mpp for the soon

-guzzo the homogeneous, unlikely knight (still kickin'!)
» the new french prime minister

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